Who we are

This journey started in my native Dominican Republic, where I became fascinated with the beauty of our national stone, Larimar. I found its mesmerizing blue hues magnetizing, and a perfect reminiscent of the crystal-clear waters our Caribbean beaches.

As I learned more about Larimar's uniqueness, its formation, and its significance to the region, I was inspired and driven to create handmade jewelry that would capture the essence of this gemstone. In the pursuit of this objective, I created Blue Taina, a shop dedicated to crafting one-of-a-kind Larimar jewelry.  


Obsessed with finding the most spectacular Larimar stones, I take great care in sourcing the finest specimens available; nothing but the most mesmerizing stones are used in our creations.

As a small business owner and sole jewelry designer and maker, I take on multiple roles to ensure the smooth operation of Blue Taina, from the sourcing of the stones to the jewelry creation process and the photography. Being intimately involved in every step of the process allows me to pour my heart into every handcrafted piece.

Although this journey begun in the Dominican Republic, I have since relocated to the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada. In my new home, I continue to create designs that pay homage to the Dominican Republic. My journey with Larimar is an ongoing one, fueled by dedication to preserving the essence of this extraordinary gemstone.